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I am a distributed systems researcher and software engineer. I was affiliated with Inria / UPMC until March 2015. Now, I am a software engineer at Google Zürich.

Research interests

My research interests evolve around distributed systems and database replication, in particular highly available systems with weak consistency models. In my PhD thesis, I demonstrated how to minimize the metadata cost of eventually-consistent replication systems based on (Conflict-free) Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) and on causal consistency. More generally, I am interested in maximimzing consistency guarantees, programmability and efficiency / scalability of eventually-consistent systems, as well as in understanding the limits and trade-offs of their design space.


I did my PhD between 2010 and 2015 at Regal, a joint research group of Inria and University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC, Paris 6), where I worked under the supervision of Marc Shapiro. My scholarship was funded by Google Europe Fellowship in Distributed Computing and Google Research Award. During that time, I interned with the cluster management team at Google Zürich in 2011 and with RiSE group at Microsoft Research Redmond in 2013.

I received my Bachelor's degree (2008) and Master's degree (2010) from Poznań University of Technology in Poland. I participated in the Google Summer of Code program for JGit project in 2008 and did two internships at Inria with Regal (2010) and Oasis groups (2010).


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Community activities

Subreviewer or coreviewer for: DISC 2013, ICDCN 2014, POPL 2014, Middleware 2014. Reviewer for W-PSDS 2015.


E-mail: {firstname} DOT {lastname} AT
Twitter: @zzzawir
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Personal (Marek in the wild)

I have always been passionate about offshore and ocean sailing. On the active side, I am at sea with my friends or family as much as I can (which always feels too little!). I keep track of approximate routes of my trips. Back at home, I enjoy following round-the-world races such as Volvo Ocean Race and Vendée Globe. I am also keen of mountain biking.