P2P-Dep 2012: 1st Workshop on “P2P and Dependability”

In conjunction with EDCC 2012 (Ninth European Dependable Computing Conference - EDCC 2012

Sibiu, Romania, May 8-11, 2012

NEW: The proceedings are available at ACM digital library

Peer to peer and self-organizing systems hold the promise of offering services and information anywhere and anytime, with better scalability, improved reliability and lower costs. This is done by eliminating the necessity of any statically designed infrastructure or any centralized administrative authority. It is in the nature of such networks to be self-organizing, since additionally, entities are allowed to join or leave the network in an arbitrary manner, making the whole system highly dynamic.

The issue of designing dependable systems that can cope with the high dynamism and self- organization nature of overlay networks is a real challenge. Therefore, many problems should be addressed. What models are most appropriate for dynamic systems? What kind of consistency requirements can be ensured? How to deploy services and data in order to achieve high availability and better utilization of peer capacities? How to construct an overlay and routing infrastructure which is scalable and fault-tolerant? How can applications adapt themselves to the instability of the system and links, due to arbitrary leaves and joins, mobility, failures, congestion.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from different domains to create a forum for investigating the many aspects of providing dependability in self-organizing, large-scale and dynamic systems. Contributions may span a broad range of topics, including:

  • models for dynamic and self-organizing systems;
  • scalability and reliability of dynamic systems;
  • P2P storage and content distribution;
  • P2P performance and robustness;
  • P2P Grids;
  • P2P in the Cloud Computing;
  • applications and tests.