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I am an associate professor ( maître de conférences, HDR) at the Sorbonne University (e.x.; UPMC/Univ. of Paris 6). My research is done in the MoVe team of the LIP6 laboratory.

My research interests include :

To get a quick idea on my recent research activities, try BUT4Reuse (Bottom-Up Technologies for Reuse) our SPL extraction tool.

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PhD committees

       Title: Supporting Clone-and-Own in Software Product Line.
        Title : Location of Features as Model Fragments and their Co-Evolution
        Title: Handling Variability at the Code Level: Modeling, Tracing and Checking Consistency.
        Title: Development process for building adaptive software architectures
        Title: Mining Software Artefact Variants for Product Line Migration and Analysis.
        Title: Ease the development of robotics applications.




All my publications are primarily referenced on my lab page. On the wider web, they are also referenced on DBLP, Google Scholar


I participate in several courses at the University of Pierre & Marie Curie - Univ. of Paris 6 (in French)