Research Interests


My research activities address software engineering with issues related to software variability and the Software Product Line (SPL) paradigm. SPL aims to manage the development of a collection of software at the same domain.

I particulary working on SPL extraction where the objective is to propose approaches to migrate existing similar product variants into an SPL. Instead of designing variability, I am considering variability inference. The main idea is to analyze the artifacts of the product variants to infer variability and extract an SPL. We implemented the BUT4Reuse framework as a generic plateform for SPL extraction. BUT4Reuse was used within the ITEA REVaMP2 European project.

I am also interested in behavior model inference where the objective is to infer behavior models from execution traces. In this context, we worked on the implementation of the CARE Platform. CARE is a platform to massively evaluare behavioral model inference techniques. This is a collaboration with S. Lamprier, N. Baskiotis, and L. Hillah

I am also interested in software variability management for Robotics Applications . I particularry participated on the definition of the RobotML Modeling Platform. RobotML was peoposed within the ANR Proteus Project.