Articles in International Journals

  • Béatrice Bérard, Benedikt Bollig, Patricia Bouyer, Matthias Függer and Nathalie Sznajder Synthesis in presence of dynamic links. In Information and Computation, 2021. [ doi ]

Book chapters

  • Claude Dutheillet, Isabelle Mounier and Nathalie Sznajder Distributed Control. In Models and Analysis for Distributed Systems, pages 307-351, Wiley, 2011. [ bib ]

Articles in International Conferences

  • Béatrice Bérard, Serge Haddad, Mathieu Sassolas and Nathalie Sznajder Concurrent Games on VASS with Inhibition. In Proceedings of CONCUR'12, 23th International Conference on Concurrency Theory, pages 39-52, Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7454, 2012. [ PDF | bib ]

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