About me

I received the Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Bologna (Italy) in March 2009 with topic clustering techniques in Wide Area Networks, title "Geographic clustering of application server" and supervised by Professor Fabio Panzieri. In October 2009 I started work at INRIA as junior engineer on Telex, a principled system support for write-sharing in collaborative applications. In October 2011 I started my Ph.D. studies at INRIA/UPMC with research topic "Adaptive consistency for large-scale data replication" (supervised by Professor Marc Shapiro and Professor Sébastien Monnet). From October 2014 I work as research engineer at IRT-SystemX on the security of ITS communications (ISE project). I am actually working at the scalability and large scale deployment of the ISE credential management system for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). I am also working on C-ITS open problems (e.g., pseudonym life cycle, misbehaviour detection etc...) and data obfuscation for cloud storages.

Research Interests

  • Cooperative Inteligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)
  • Confidentiality and obfuscation for cloud storage
  • Distributed systems
  • Data replication and consistency
  • Optimistic approaches
  • Scheduling and load bancing for DBMS


  • Cooperative ITS Security Framework: Standards and Implementations Progress in Europe.
    Brigitte Lonc, Pierpaolo Cincilla,.
    3rd International Workshop on Smart Vehicles: Connectivity Technologies and ITS Applications, Coimbra, Portugal, June 2016.
    [ Conference | Paper (PDF) | BibTeX ]
  • Cooperative-ITS Architecture and Security Challenges: a Survey.
    Aymen Boudguiga, Arnaud Kaiser, Pierpaolo Cincilla,.
    22th Inteligent Transport System World Congress, Bordeaux, Dec. 2015.
    [ Conference | Paper (PDF) | BibTeX ]
  • Security of C-ITS messages: A practical solution the ISE project demonstrator.
    Pierpaolo Cincilla, Arnaud Kaiser, Brigitte Lonc, Houda Labiod, Remi Blancher, Christophe Jouvray, Richard Denis, Antoine Boulanger.
    7th International Conference on New Technologies, Mobility and Security, (NTMS) 2015, Paris, France, July, 2015.
    [ Workshop | Paper (PDF) | BibTeX ]
  • Light Blind: Why Encrypt If You Can Share?
    Pierpaolo Cincilla, Aymen Boudguiga, Makhlouf Hadji, Arnaud Kaiser.
    SECRYPT 2015 - Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Security and Cryptography, Colmar, Alsace, France, July, 2015.
    [ Conference | Paper (PDF) | BibTeX ]
  • Multi-site Gargamel: optimistic synchronization for reliable geo-replicated databases.
    Pierpaolo Cincilla, Sébastien Monnet, Marc Shapiro
    Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Middleware for Next Generation Internet Computing, MW4NG@Middleware 2014, Bordeaux, France, December, 2014
    [ Workshop | Paper (PDF) | BibTeX ]
  • A Grid Based Distributed Cooperative Environment for Health Care Research.
    F. Maia, R. Araùjo, L. C. Muniz, R. Zirtany, L. Coutinho, S. Vale, F. J. Silva, P. Cincilla, I. Chabbouh, S. Monnet, L. Arantes, and M. Shapiro
    Foundations of Health Information Engineering and Systems (FHIES), Paris, France, August, 2012.
    [ Conference | Paper (PDF) | BibTeX ]
  • Gargamel: boosting DBMS performance by parallelising write transactions.
    Pierpaolo Cincilla, Sébastien Monnet, Marc Shapiro
    Int. Conf. on Parallel and Distr. Sys. (ICPADS), Singapore, Dec. 2012.
    [ Conference | Paper (PDF) | BibTeX ]


IRT SystemX
Centre d’intégration Nano-INNOV Building N3
8, Avenue de la Vauve
Tel: +33 (0)1 6908 0610
E-mail: Pierpaolo.Cincilla(at)irt-systemx(dot)fr


  1. Sécurité des Systèmes Informatiques (UPMC)
  2. Ad hoc wireless networks (Telecom ParisTech)
  3. Ad hoc wireless networks security (Telecom ParisTech)