Legion: Enriching Internet Services with Peer-to-Peer Interactions

Legion is a framework for supporting data sharing in mobile devices. It allows multiple clients to share data and synchronize using peer-to-peer techniques. It provide strong eventual consistency by relying on CRDTs. For direct client to client communication, it relies on new communication mechanisms that allow to circumvent firewall and nat boxes, as well as to run web-based clients in a complete transparent way to the users. These technologies include WebRTC, STUN, and TURN, among others. Legion integrates with Antidote and other cloud storage system (e.g. Google Drive Realtime), extending cloud storage to mobile devices.

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 This project is funded by the European Union, 7th Research Framework Programme, ICT call 10, grant agreement n°609551. 

Contact (Project Coordinator)

MARC dot SHAPIRO atsign ACM dot ORG