Project Deliverables

WP1 - Application and environment requirements

D1.1 - Natural-language requirements [PDF]

D1.2 - Formal-language requirements [PDF]

WP2 - Core algorithms and protocols

D2.1 - Protocols for CRDTs in small-scale full replication [PDF]

D2.2 - Protocols for CRDTs and CRDT composition in partial-replication setting [D2.2 PDF / D2.2.1 PDF]

WP3 - Extended safety, quality and security guarantees

D3.1 - Guarantees in the presence of CRDT composition and transaction [PDF]

D3.2 - Protocols for divergence control and QoD [D3.2 PDF / D3.2.1 PDF]

D3.2 - Protocols for invariants preservation and security [D3.3 PDF / D3.3.1 PDF]

WP4 - Programming principles and tools for Strong Eventual Consistency

D4.1 - Basic programming model [PDF]

D4.2 - Extended Programming Model [PDF]

WP5 - Empirical validation

D5.1 - Tooling [PDF]

D5.3 - Plan and design of massive scale crowd-sourced empirical validation [PDF]

WP6 - Project Management

D6.1 - Web site and collaboration tools [PDF]

D6.2 - Year 1 Dissemination Report [Consortium-only]

D6.3 - Year 2 Dissemination Report [PDF]


 This project is funded by the European Union, 7th Research Framework Programme, ICT call 10, grant agreement n°609551. 

Contact (Project Coordinator)

MARC dot SHAPIRO atsign ACM dot ORG