Some Talks by SyncFree People

Marc Shapiro - Just Right Consistency - Keynote Speech at RSD-ASF Winter School on Distributed Systems


Marc Shapiro - Encapsulating replication, high concurrency and consistency with CRDTs - Curry On 2015



Marc Shapiro & Nuno Preguiça - CRDTs in Practice - Code Mesh 2015


CISE demo video


Carlos Baquero - Implementation of CRDTs with δ-mutators - RICON 2015


Christopher Meiklejohn - Lasp: A Language for Declarative, Distributed Edge Computation - RICON 2015


João Leitão - When Weak Consistency is not Enough from Causality to Transactions - RICON 2015  


Christopher Meiklejohn - Distributed Eventually Consistent Computations - Erlang Factory 2015



 This project is funded by the European Union, 7th Research Framework Programme, ICT call 10, grant agreement n°609551. 

Contact (Project Coordinator)

MARC dot SHAPIRO atsign ACM dot ORG